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24 May 2020

The North Macedonia Film Agency joins the EFADs

16 April 2020

The EFADs welcome the launch of Lumiere VOD

09 April 2020

The Film Center Serbia joins the EFADs

29 March 2020

The European Film Agencies welcome the adoption of the “Cab Sat Directive”

26 March 2020

The European Film Agencies welcome the adoption of the Copyright Directive by the European Parliament

18 March 2020

EFADs Vision Paper 2019

14 March 2020

Julie-Jeanne Régnault appointed as EFADs General Secretary

11 January 2020

EFADs New President and Vice President elected in Seville

28/11/2020 AVMSD: the EFADs welcome the newly approved and signed text. pdf
27/09/2020 EFADs-CACI partnership. Third joint co-development grant. pdf
03/05/2020 EFADs welcome an ambitious budget for the MEDIA Program and calls on the European Parliament and Member States to support it pdf
27/04/2020 Audiovisual Services Media Directive: EFADs welcome an ambitious and positive step forward for the diversity of European cultures pdf
15/03/2020 A stronger MEDIA budget to support Europe’s values, creativity and cultural diversity throughout the Union and the world pdf
26/01/2020 The case for a fair, ambitious and future proof level playing field regarding the promotion of European Works in the Audiovisual Media Services Directive pdf
26/01/2020 EFADs letter on the Audiovisual Media Services Directive
(AVMSD): Article 13, paragraph 5
22/01/2020 EFADs’ position on the European Commission Proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market pdf
21/11/2020 The EFADs welcomes the EP Legal Affairs Committee’s support for territorial exclusivity and strongly encourages all Members of the European Parliament and all Member States to support its position pdf
17/11/2020 A transparent ecosystem with fair remuneration
for authors and performers
20/10/2020 Magdalena Sroka steps down as Director of the Polish Film Institute pdf
28/09/2020 EFADs-CAACI statement and 2nd Co-Development Grant highlight the importance of strengthening Euro-Latino collaboration pdf
22/05/2020 European film agency directors call on the Europe Commission, Parliament and Council to promote and preserve cultural diversity and territoriality pdf
23/02/2020 The EFADs praise Hrvoje Hribar contribution to Croatian and European film as Director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre pdf
19/01/2020 Busting the Myths Behind Article 13 of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive Review pdf
21/11/2020 EFADs Press Release on the Country of Origin Principle for catch-up TV pdf
17/10/2020 EFADs AVMS Directive FAQ on the Country of Origin principle and financial contributions pdf
10/10/2020 EFADs Press release on Creative Europe and MEDIA sub-programme pdf
26/09/2020 EFADs press release on EFAD-CAACI meeting at the 64th edition of the San Sebastian Festival pdf
21/09/2020 EFADs Press release on EFADs General Assembly meets in San Sebastian and re-electsion of Peter Dinges as president pdf
15/09/2020 EFADs Press release on EU copyright proposals pdf
12/08/2020 EFADs Press release on EFADs and CAACI launch Europe-Latin America Co-Production Grant at the San Sebastian Film Festival pdf
03/08/2020 EFADs Press release on EFADs position paper on the AVMS Directive pdf
25/05/2020 EFADs Press release on European Film Agency comment on AVMS Directive pdf
04/05/2020 EFADs Press release on Samuel Young’s appointment as EFAD’s new Secretary General pdf
15/03/2020 EFADs-CAACI High Level Meeting, Toulouse – 15-16 March 2020
15/12/2020 EFADs Press release regarding the EC proposal for a regulation on portability and Communication on the future of the European copyright framework pdf
20/05/2020 EFADs Press release on the opportunities and challenges for film in the digital age pdf
06/05/2020 EFADs press release on Digital Single Market Strategy pdf
16/03/2020 EFADs Resolution on the Potential Reforms to European Union copyright rules pdf
16/03/2020 Communiqué de presse sur la résolution des EFADs sur les réformes potentielles de règles européennes du droit d’auteur pdf
10/02/2020 The European Film Agencies set up a Brussels-based Association to support an active dialogue with EU institutions pdf
05/2008 Les centres nationaux du cinéma se sont félicités de l’annonce par la Commissaire européenne Viviane Reding pdf