Upcoming EFADs Events

25.09.2020: San Sebastian - EFADs-CAACI Workshop on Distribution (EFADs Members Only)

26.09.2020: San Sebastian - Digital and Copyright Working Group (EFADs Members Only)

26.09.2020: San Sebastian - Gender Working Group (EFADs Members Only)

27.09.2020: San Sebastian – Award of the EFADs-CAACI Co-Development Grant

16.10.2020: Brussels - EFADs State Aid Workshop (EFADs Members Only)

17.10.2020: Brussels - EFADs Think Tank Workshop (EFADs Members Only)

26.11.2020: Tallinn - EFADs Plenary Meeting (EFADs Members Only)

Past Events

EFADs-MEDIA Roundtable Exporting outside Europe: how to better promote and distribute European films in the world?

21 May 2020

(c) Eric Bonté, 1000 images

The roundtable, organised by the European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) and the European Commission, brought together public and private actors to explore best practices and concrete solutions to better export, and for this purpose, better promote and distribute European films in the world. The discussion focused on the presence and visibility of European works outside the European Union, in theatres and online and addressed the challenges, opportunities, the actions needed. The EFADs published a paper and press release on the roundtable.

The roundtable was moderated by Frédéric Bereyziat (Deputy Director, UniFrance). Speakers included Giuseppe Abbamonte (Director MEDIA and Data, European Commission), Christian Bräuer (CEO, AG Kino and Secretary General, Europa Cinemas), Guy Daleiden (Managing Director, Film Fund Luxembourg and Vice-Chair, EFADs), Daniela Elstner (Managing Director, Doc & Film International), MEP Evelyne Gebhardt (Vice-President, European Parliament), Marianna Ibragimova (Director General, P&I Film), Martin Kanzler (Film Industry Analyst, European Audiovisual Observatory), Richard Lorber (CEO, Kino Lorber), Daniel Melamed (Executive Director, New Cinema Ltd), Roberto Olla (Executive Director, Eurimages), Lucia Recalde (Head of MEDIA, European Commission), Martin Schweighofer (President, European Film Promotion), Christophe Tardieu (Director General, CNC), Jaime Tarrazon (Federación de Cines de España), Catherine Trautmann (President, Eurimages), Loïc Wong (Director of Cinema, Institut français), and Benjamin Zeccola (CEO, Palace Films)

Press Release

Paper on the EFADs-MEDIA Export Roundtable in Cannes

European Audiovisual Observatory Presentation

Programme - Roundtable on Exporting European Works

Factsheet - The Export of European Film Outside of Europe

EFADs Plenary Meeting in Cannes 2017

21st May 2017

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During the 70th Cannes Film Festival, the association of the European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) held its annual plenary meeting, hosted by the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC). Film agency directors from across Europe were joined by MEP Evelyn Gebhardt, Vice-President of the European Parliament, and Johanna Koljonen, author of the Nostradamus report, for an engaging discussion on cultural diversity and film funding in Europe.

EFADs officially launched a new working group on gender equality which will be coordinated by Anna Serner, Director of the Swedish Film Institute. The working group will provide a forum for film agencies to exchange and tackle some of the key issues around gender in Europe. Members also discussed the EFADs Think Tank, Brexit and EFADs partnership with the Conference of Ibero-American Cinematographic Authorities (CAACI). EFADs and CAACI will award their Co-Development Grant for the second time to a Euro-Latin American co-production at the San Sebastian Film Festival in September.

The key legislative files related to the European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy were also debated. This covered topics such as the role and responsibilities of online platforms in the digital age, copyright reform, and policies which could affect the principle of territoriality such as the so-called Sat Cab Regulation, competition case on cross-border access to pay-TV, and Geo-Blocking Regulation. During the meeting, the EFADs adopted a declaration on territoriality.

The next plenary meeting will take place in Tallinn on Sunday 26th November during the Black Nights Film Festival.

EFADs avant-premier of Noces in Brussels

2nd December 2016

On 1 December, the European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) and the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) organised an avant-premier of the movie Noces at the BOZAR in Brussels. Noces is a co-production between Belgium, Pakistan, Luxembourg and France and was selected to be screened at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. It was supported by public funding from three EFADs members: the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, CNC and Film Fund Luxembourg.

The screening opened the BOZAR European Film Week, held in the context of the European Commission’s 25 Years of MEDIA European Film Forum on 1 and 2 December.

Peter Dinges, President of EFADs, opening up the avant-premiere of the movie ‘Noces’ at Bozar in Brussels.

The screening was preceded by a reception, which gathered European policymakers from the European Commission, Parliament and Council as well as representatives of the cultural and creative sectors. EFADs President, Peter Dinges, and UNIC President, Phil Clapp, welcomed the guests and highlighted the importance of public funding, cinemas, and the theatrical experience for European cultural works such as Noces. This was followed by speeches from the Producer and the French and Belgian distributors who emphasised the importance of co-productions and pre-financing.

At the end of the screening a question and answers session took place with the director Stephan Streker and the cast.

EFADs-CAACI partnership: another step towards stronger cooperation

26th September 2016

Press Release, 26 September 2020

At the 64th San Sebastian Film Festival, the European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) and the Conference of Ibero-American Cinematographic Authorities (CAACI) deepened their structured partnership with a series of events and exchanges as well as the award of the first EFADs-CAACI Co-Production Grant to the Los Días Según Ellos project.

EFADs-CAACI partnership meeting

On 18 September, representatives of the EFADs and CAACI met to brainstorm on the topic of distribution and EU funding opportunities. Following the first high level meeting that was organised in Toulouse last March and further exchanges in Cannes, European and Latin American film agencies confirmed their willingness to work closer together and establish a regular exchange of information.

The purpose of the meeting was to obtain a better understanding of the MEDIA programme and its potential to foster European-Latin American audiovisual cooperation. While MEDIA MUNDUS has disappeared, other schemes are still available to support exchanges between the two regions, such as access to markets, training, festivals, co-production funds and online distribution (ready-to-offer catalogues).

Deepening the reflection on distribution issues will be the focus of the partnership in the next months. The EFADs and CAACI will exchange on the European Commission’s mid-term review of the Creative Europe programme and other issues to see if common positions can be found. Film literacy was also an important common concern raised during the plenary meeting of the EFADs on Monday 19 September, which was attended by Jorge Sánchez, representative of CAACI and Director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography.

Round table on co-productions

Another step forward to the EFADs- CAACI partnership took place on 21 September during the round table on ‘A film affair. A boost to co-productions between Europe and Latin America’. The event was organised under the framework of the 5th Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, and participants had the opportunity to discuss the possibilities of fostering co-production between Europe and Latin America.

The next meeting of the partnership will most likely take place during the Berlinale in February 2017. Before that, a representative of EFADs is expected to attend CAACI’s meeting in Valparaíso, Chile on 15 November 2020.

Premier for the joint co-development grant

On 21 September, the first EFADs-CAACI joint grant to support the development of a European-Latin American co-production was awarded to Los Días Según Ellos. The project is directed by Juan Pablo Félix and produced by Utópica Cine (Argentina – Spain – France). The adventure story takes place on the border between Argentina and Bolivia and is scheduled to be shot next year.

The purpose of the €20,000 grant is to encourage more collaboration and to increase the number of genuine artistic co-productions between Latin America and Europe. The selection of the project was made by an independent jury consisting of Alex Trăilă, Ministry of Culture of Romania (EFADs representative), Pierre-Emile Vandoorne, Ministry of Culture of Perú (CAACI representative), and Fernanda del Nido, Setembro Cine (Festival San Sebastián representative).

EFADs General Assembly meets in San Sebastian and re-elects Peter Dinges as president

21st September 2016

On 19 September the European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) met at the San Sebastian Film Festival. As the EFADs board approached the end of its current mandate, the EFADs reelected the president, vice president, and board of directors to oversee the strategic objectives of the association. Peter Dinges, president of the EFADs, highlighted: “We have made significant steps due to the inspiring network and dialogue we have within our association. But there’s more to be done and there is a challenging road ahead. We are ready to meet those challenges with one voice that combines the diversity in European film culture.”

The newly elected board members are:

Peter Dinges, FFA German Federal Filmboard (President)

Guy Daleiden, Film Fund Luxembourg (Vice President)

Doreen Boonekamp, Netherlands Film Fund

Jeanne Brunfaut, Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel (CCA) de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Carol Comley, British Film Institute

Chiara Fortuna, Directorate General for Cinema of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism

Laufey Guðjónsdóttir, Icelandic Film Centre

James Hickey, Irish Film Board

Rolandas Kvietkauskas, Lithuanian Film Centre

Julie-Jeanne Régnault, Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC)

Edith Sepp, Estonian Film Institute

Roland Teichmann, Austrian Film Institute

The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss some of the main legislative proposals of the European Commission currently on the table such as the copyright package and the AVMSD. Another main point of the discussion included future common projects in the partnership between the EFADs and the CAACI, the Latin American association of film agencies. A first result of this partnership is a joint EFADs-CAACI Coproduction Grant which will be awarded within the Fifth Coproduction Forum at the San Sebastian Film Festival on Wednesday. The EFADs welcomed Jorge Sánchez, director of the Mexican Film Institute, as a representative of CAACI to their meeting and will soon decide who will represent the EFADs at the next CAACI meeting in Chile.

EFADs Plenary Meeting in Karlovy Vary 2016

22nd July 2016

On Wednesday 6th July, the EFADs held a plenary meeting in Karlovy Vary during the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. The addition of a fourth plenary meeting this year had been judged necessary and was decided during the previous one in Cannes in May.

As the meeting followed the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, this was one of the main topics of the meeting. The British Film Institute explained that the Brexit vote was a surprise to all and brings new challenges. EFADs President Peter Dinges emphasised that Europe is more than just the EU.

Members also agreed on a position paper regarding the European Commission’s proposal to revise of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). The EFADs supports the Commission’s overall objective but believes there could be some improvements, especially concerning the country of origin principle (financial contributions), European quotas and prominence, film education and literacy, the protection of minors and transparency.

Finally, members took the decision to move ahead with an EFADs-CAACI joint co-production grant to be launched in San Sebastian in September. This €20,000 grant was officially announced on the 12th August as you can read here.